Loading and Saving

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Traditionally in Monsters’ Den the game saves automatically in the background. There’s no need to explicitly save the game, and there’s also no rolling back to an earlier state. What happened, happened.

While I do like this aspect I don’t think it’s core to the experience. Despite some vague similarities, the game isn’t a roguelike. So for Godfall I’m strongly considering moving to a more conventional load/save scheme. Unlike the “slots” in Book of Dread, you’ll be able to have many saves per campaign. The game will still create autosaves occasionally, but you can also manually save as well as load an earlier game.

There are some strong reasons to do this, not the least of them technical...

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Company Advancement

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Character advancement has always been a big part of Monsters’ Den. That remains true, but in Godfall you also have a wider responsibility– to advance your Mercenary Company as a whole. Here are some of the ways you can do just that.

Company Level

When members of your Company level ...

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Taking Inventory

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At the moment I’m in the middle of a big re-design of the inventory system in Monsters’ Den. For better or worse, you spend a lot of time interacting with inventory in these games– so it’s a very important system.

If there’s anything you love / hate about the inventory in Monsters’ Den or other RPGs, now is the time to tell me.

VERY WIP. No new interface art yet.

VERY WIP. No new interface art yet.

You can see that I’ve abandoned the “sliding panels” approach from Chronicles as space-inefficient. Now it’s a single large box with tabs for bags. But the core of the new design is to combine the Inventory, Shop and Loot screens into one. The layout and method of interaction are now always the same...

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Elegance vs. Simplicity

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When I was implementing the (new in Chronicles) “action clock”-driven battle system, I was faced with a problem. In the previous system every character took one turn per round, and so regeneration and skill effect durations were all tied to turns. But now having a higher Quickness stat meant that a character would actually have more turns. On top of the obvious benefits of acting more often, they would regenerate more quickly and effects on them would expire more quickly.

I spent a long time thinking about how to address this...

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Faction Preview: Renouncers

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I’ve been sick for the past three weeks, so nothing has gotten done. Let’s try to get back on track.

Renouncers are one of several new factions in Godfall. They are humans who reject the rule of the Clerics and the dominion of Aristei, and choose to flee the safety and security of the cities. They are an uneasy mix of free spirits, criminals, heretics and madmen. They band together only in the interests of survival.

As you might expect, individual Renouncer bands govern themselves, submitting to no higher authority. Some act as simple bandits, taking what they need from the unwary. Other bands seek to avoid any further contact with other humans. In either case they are fugitives, and it sometimes falls to the Companies to track them down...

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Brief Note: Movement

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In the previous Monsters’ Den games, I’ve resisted adding a movement skill to combat. My feeling was that party positioning was one of the key tactical considerations, and finding the right balance and living with the tradeoffs of a given configuration was important. Being able to change it at the start of every battle seemed like enough flexibility.

The Minotaur in Book of Dread could shuffle the party formation, but that was just part of the challenge of dealing with that particular monster. However, in Chronicles these types of abilities became more prevalent. Additionally, some player classes got the ability to change their position– but not all. As I move to push these position-changing abilities further in Godfall, this disparity starts to seem like a bad idea...

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Creature Feature II

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Here’s some more new creature art, originally posted over on the Facebook page.

You’ve probably also noticed that the site has a new look. An overhaul was long overdue, and I’m not completely happy with this one yet– but it’s better. I still need to go through and refresh the actual content on the pages.


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Putting the Pieces in Place

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Things have been quiet again, at least publicly. As well as working on development, I’ve been trying to figure out everything I need to have in place to formally “announce” (or re-announce) the game.

For an indie developer targeting the PC, the importance of getting on Steam really cannot be overstated. In almost all cases, not being on Steam will doom your game to obscurity and failure. To test the waters, I created a Greenlight Concept page for Godfall. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the response so far, and it’s settled into a decent chart position in Concepts, without any promotion from me at all (I haven’t previously posted the link here or to social media).

That’s great, as far as it goes...

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Monsters’ Den Chronicles v1.5 Changelog

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I’m uploading the new version to Kongregate and Newgrounds now, Armor may take longer. So, what’s changed?

  • New infinite campaign- Act VI: The Limits of Evil. If you have already unlocked the other bonus campaigns this will be available. This campaign gives an experience more similar to the older Monsters’ Den games. You can no longer return to previous floors. Returning to the entrance stairs will allow you to leave the dungeon, and you’ll earn gold and item rewards based on how many floors you completed.
  • Ability to reduce campaign level. On the campaign select screen, click on the new campaign level label to open the settings page. If you’ve been wanting to use your godlike party to beat up some level 1′s, now is your chance.
  • ‘True Hit’ option for accuracy calculations is now available t...
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Creature Feature

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Here’s a look at some new Godfall monster art I’ve been posting on the Facebook page over the past few weeks. Two old monsters returning after a sad absence from Chronicles, and a brand new one.

I’m doing a lot of design work at the moment, trying to really nail down the scope of the game. I was getting ready to submit to Steam’s Greenlight service but I’ve decided I should wait for now...

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