Flash Gaming Summit 2011

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Next month is the third annual Flash Gaming Summit, in San Francisco. This year I will actually be speaking on the panel Polish: Make Your Games Shine. This is somewhat nerve-wracking for me, but it should be good experience.

The hyper-curious will be able to view streaming video from FGS on the day.

Update: The recording of the session is available here. It’ll be of limited interest to most people, though.

17 comments to Flash Gaming Summit 2011

  • ChaosBladeDC  says:

    Hey have fun and good luck there!

  • Ghaleon  says:

    Grats, hopefully you’ll impress some people.
    Do you think your name got recognized for that via MD or DA:J? Or both?

  • MD3  says:


  • Relic  says:

    Hey garin, u code the MD game engine.. ? and u did some artwork too ?__? wow, how long did it take to complete this mission impossible ? X_X

  • Ghaleon  says:

    I don’t think Garin did the art but I could be wrong. I seem to recall him saying something about his brother doing some art when biclops split into monstrum and..uhh. whatever his brother wanted to do. (or was it a friend? I forget, the site was deleted shortly after so..)

  • garin  says:

    I did (do) write all the code. The character portrait art was done by other people, but I did all the interface (including skill/inventory icons), the dungeon art, and the spell animations. Those parts should be a lot better this time around.

  • ChaosBladeDC  says:

    His brother was it (if you mean Moonkey) – he is on Jazza Studios should that matter, but I dont think he makes artwork for the Monsters Den series.

    The difficulties with coding is to keep the overview and to do it right – the amount of code you write is rather small (in terms of size). At least thats my impression when I code something (Im didn’t try actionscript too much, but it seems similar to Java). Am I right?

  • Relic  says:

    Yep, the most difficult step is “keep the overview” – app design.. coding is just the implementation
    u rock! i’m still playing MD and waiting for MD:GF

  • jetnerd  says:

    So whats the progress man!!

  • Tallmios  says:


    So whats the progress man!!

    I’d like to see some news too!

  • ChaosBladeDC  says:



    So whats the progress man!!

    Iā€™d like to see some news too!

    Count me in as well

  • Ghaleon  says:

    I have an insiders(not) exclusive as to the news on the latest Monstrum development:
    The refresh button has been pressed countless times!

  • CraboreNumbnuts_the_2nd  says:

    Yes… Inquiring rabid-fan minds want to know !

    I think April would be a fantastic month to complete the game šŸ™‚ !

  • James  says:

    Man, feels like an eternity since any game stuff.

    Or since I posted anything here.

    Will this ever complete? Will anything be done?
    My hope is frayed, all I can do is dream with my dream classes and imagine a game.

  • Ghaleon  says:

    I wouldn’t lose hope just yet. I don’t know htf this twitter thingie works but I THINK it’s Garin saying “I’ve been very quiet lately. That will change soon.” on it.

    In other news, Wizardry: Labyrinth of Lost Souls is coming to English-ville in a PSN download near you!

    For those with a PS3, that should give us our dungeon crawling fix while we wait for MD2…Though I can’t seem to find a estimated date for it. I rekon it should be relatively soon since it’s just a localization for a 2 year old game that is most likely already mostly complete given the nature of its announcement…

  • ChaosBladeDC  says:

    For chaps like me without a PS3 – I enjoy Roleplaying the old school way (aka. Pokemon Black and White).

  • Jacko  says:

    Can we get a status update soon? on anything really, I remember first hearing the game expected to be out by november, and it definitely seems thats nowhere near where it is now, as goes the game making process. But after having the summit, what parts have you been putting your work into?

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