Company Advancement

Category: Monsters' Den: Godfall

Character advancement has always been a big part of Monsters’ Den. That remains true, but in Godfall you also have a wider responsibility– to advance your Mercenary Company as a whole. Here are some of the ways you can do just that.

Company Level

When members of your Company level up, the Company earns some experience. When enough experience is earned, the Company itself levels up. This represents the institutional knowledge and wisdom of the Company as a group. At each Company Level, the player may select a Doctrine from a new category.


Doctrines are bonuses that help to specialise your Company. They represent different ways that the Company can be managed and focused. There are six categories, with three Doctrines in each. Only one Doctrine in each category can be selected, although the selection can later be changed for a price.

For example, in the category Missions, the options are:

Back Channels – More missions are available to choose from each month.

Mission Planning – Increases the number of missions that can be accepted at once.

Bounty Hunting – Increases the gold earned from bounties. Reduces the Influence cost to request bounties. (I’ll talk more about bounties another time).


Each of the (currently seven) human factions in the game holds an opinion of your Company. This opinion can go up or down depending on your actions, but most commonly by completing missions that impact on their interests. At certain thresholds of reputation, each faction can extend additional perks to the Company.


Other than Gold, Influence is the most important resource in the game. Influence represents favours owed and the ability to convince others to do what you need. It is mostly earned though completing missions, and can be spent on numerous things.

The Keep

The Keep is the home base of your Company, and provides several unique services. The range of services can be increased through construction of new buildings within the Keep. These buildings are powerful, but require Influence to build and have an ongoing gold upkeep cost. Some of the construction options include:

Quartermaster – a special shop that allows you to purchase rare and otherwise unavailable items using Influence.

Reliquary – allows items with Relic stats to be installed, providing their bonuses to the whole Company. (I wrote about this years ago, it’s still in the game).

Library – allows research into the location of unique Artifacts, generating quests to retrieve them.

Callstone – enables the party to teleport directly back to the Keep from the field.