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Character advancement has always been a big part of Monsters’ Den. That remains true, but in Godfall you also have a wider responsibility– to advance your Mercenary Company as a whole. Here are some of the ways you can do just that.

Company Level

When members of your Company level up, the Company earns some experience. When enough experience is earned, the Company itself levels up. This represents the institutional knowledge and wisdom of the Company as a group. At each Company Level, the player may select a Doctrine from a new category.


Doctrines are bonuses that help to specialise your Company. They represent different ways that the Company can be managed and focused. There are six categories, with three Doctrines in each. Only one Doctrine in each category can be selected, although the selection can later be changed for a price.

For example, in the category Missions, the options are:

Back Channels – More missions are available to choose from each month.

Mission Planning – Increases the number of missions that can be accepted at once.

Bounty Hunting – Increases the gold earned from bounties. Reduces the Influence cost to request bounties. (I’ll talk more about bounties another time).


Each of the (currently seven) human factions in the game holds an opinion of your Company. This opinion can go up or down depending on your actions, but most commonly by completing missions that impact on their interests. At certain thresholds of reputation, each faction can extend additional perks to the Company.


Other than Gold, Influence is the most important resource in the game. Influence represents favours owed and the ability to convince others to do what you need. It is mostly earned though completing missions, and can be spent on numerous things.

The Keep

The Keep is the home base of your Company, and provides several unique services. The range of services can be increased through construction of new buildings within the Keep. These buildings are powerful, but require Influence to build and have an ongoing gold upkeep cost. Some of the construction options include:

Quartermaster – a special shop that allows you to purchase rare and otherwise unavailable items using Influence.

Reliquary – allows items with Relic stats to be installed, providing their bonuses to the whole Company. (I wrote about this years ago, it’s still in the game).

Library – allows research into the location of unique Artifacts, generating quests to retrieve them.

Callstone – enables the party to teleport directly back to the Keep from the field.



13 comments to Company Advancement

  • Kira  says:

    Well this is shaping up to be a bigger game then i thought it would be.

    I assume this is a pay for it game. as in not going be on kongregate or newgrounds or armor games. so how much should I expect to pay for this game. ignoring the previous monster den games. this game interests me on the concept level there are not many games out there that do what i assume you doing with godfall. (namely the management of a company of heroes as opposed to the normal you and your party approach) Valithian Arc is the only one i can think of to come up recently.

    how far along are you in development? how long till you think it’s ready for a release? and where will you release it too? Steam is an obvious choice any others?

    Will we see the return of the 6 skill limit or will we have more to mess around with? maybe selecting and customising each characters set from a number of different skills?

    I assume not everything will be available from the start. maybe sorta like Disgea where as you only get the stronger heroes once you have enough reputation for them to want to join you company?

    EG at company level 0 (1?) you only get some basic units nothiung special. some swordmen and archers. you advance a few levels suddenly you got wizards and beserkers trappers and thieves maybe even unique units (unique units plox :3)

    • garin  says:

      I do intend to sell it, yeah. Price will be in the $10-15 range.

      Unless something truly horrible happens, it’ll be out this year. Steam’s an obvious target, I’d also like to get on GOG. There’ll be a demo on Kongregate, and it might be possible to unlock a browser-playable version of the full game there.

      Each class has a couple of skill trees. There are more skills than ever before and they are also more customizable.

      There are pre-set characters you can hire, or you can create a character from scratch and fully customize them from the start.

      There are advanced classes which are tied to the Reputation system I mentioned above.

      • Flam3  says:

        Well Garin, you’ve broken any brakes the hype train had and smashed them into the ground.
        This is shaping up to be an amazing game it seems.

      • Kira  says:

        Demos are good :3

        Oh one last thing. YOU HAVE TO INCLUDE FEMALES THIS TIME. hehe.

        Game sounds amazing hope it comes out sooner rather then later when i have spending cash (not that it will stop me from buying it anyway)

        OHH! one last thing (for real this time) witch the high amount of skills buffs and debuff status altering and such.
        Will there finally be a combo system? EG Freeze an enemy then hit them with a blunt attack removes freeze but deals more damage. or maybe Raining water on them then hitting them with electrocute or another energy attack.

      • snickersimba  says:

        I would pay for the game, I just am fifteen and have no form of payment, as such, I would perfer it if you had an exclusive full version on your home site and maybe a demo on one or two other sites and an unlockable on kong, I just have always felt that games that aren’t fully free should not be part of a series that is free, simply a personal thing, make your money but don’t leave your poorer fans out in the cold

        • garin  says:

          I understand, but there’s no just no other way. The sponsorship market (at least for larger games) is dead. The only chance I have now to make these games is to ask users to pay for them.

  • The_Haminator  says:

    Hi again, I’m glad to see a new update on progress! I cannot wait till this game is released and even if it isn’t pay for, I’m going to be donating to you what I feel it is worth (assuming 5$-25$) The monsters den games are in my opinion some of the top flash games ever created (alongside games like caravaneer, gemcraft, kingdom rush). Looking forward to the next update!

    • garin  says:

      Thanks, I appreciate it.

  • TheGreatKhan  says:

    Very exciting stuff, thanks for the update. Looks like party management becomes a meaningful and interesting factor in the game, I look forward to it!

    • garin  says:

      The focus is still on party-level exploration and combat, but my hope is that the company-level stuff adds a little bit of connective tissue and more to think about.

  • sanzuwu13  says:

    Are you taking special requests for symbols that will be included?
    If so, please include something like the Mockingjay pin from Hunger Games, and at least one crow/raven design (hopefully including one with three legs, coming of of the Jinwu of Chinese and Korean legend).

  • rocsage  says:

    seeing a sign of scope creeping.
    maker did mention how the game’s expanse, over the course of development, becomes greater than initially intended, but to see the entry of mechanisms such as finite encounters remains a surprise.
    at least these organizational bonus attributes are generally applicable, unlike those often gimmicky, era-specific perks in civ 5.

  • TyStorm  says:

    Well it sounds like it is going to be awesome. Love the company aspect and a lot of other appealing aspects to boot. i would easily pay to play this game. Getting hard to find good quality RPGs nowadays. Can’t wait.

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