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It’s been a while since the last update, but the game continues to progress. I’m still working towards launching a small Kickstarter to get the funds I need to pay for the rest of the art. I’ve also recently taken on a couple of weeks’ worth of contract work to help pay my own bills. It only makes me more excited to get back to working on Godfall in earnest.

Here are some current screenshots showing various parts of the game. You can see the evolution of some of the interface, as well as the dungeon and battle screens.


13 comments to Godfall Screenshots

  • Pyrodefence101  says:


    Glad you’re still working on this!

  • Francisco  says:

    Cool cool cool.
    Orcs! looks good, now that I think about it, I just realized that there werent orcs in chronicles. A world map also looks like an interesting feature. Wonder if there its gonna be small secrets sprinkled here and there. Hope to see more female characters

  • Candelabra  says:

    Everything looks amazing. I really liked how you put in little references like Tellunos, that made me smile.

    I also thought it was cool that you made a female version of the Berserkers. Are you planning on doing that for a lot of monsters? Obviously that would add to art costs for every monster to have male and female sprites, so I’m a but curious about that.

    • garin  says:

      Female enemies are separate creatures with their own stats and attacks. Like you said, it would be very expensive to duplicate every enemy type. I’d rather have twice as many total types and give each a fixed gender.

      • Zombie-Chan  says:

        Perhaps the bigger the total of monster types, the better. You would have so much fun to think of strategies and weaknesses of every single enemy.

        Or perhaps, not only just make the total types bigger, maybe adding several races would do. Thus making a different plot stories for it. For example, making Ents races (Plant races that has fire weakness), or maybe element (fire, water, ice, dark, light) based monsters.

        I appreciated everything you’ve done, I may not the biggest fan of your works. But I do enjoyed everything so far.

  • TheGreatKhan  says:

    The dungeon, combat, and inventory screens all look quite clean and lovely, impressive stuff! The world travel screen seems a bit off to me though, perhaps because of the emptiness and especially that last screen, which seems to suggest a non-targeted click-to-move sort of system which feels strange for what I’m thinking Godfall’s world travel will be (essentially hopping from landmark to landmark with possibly some encounters imbetween, but otherwise without much interaction with the map itself.) Also the small player character representing the company seems out of place on what appears to be a topographical map of sorts. It’s my understanding that some or all of that might be subject to change, or are just placeholders but just thought I’d throw that out there. Thanks for the update!

    • garin  says:

      The presentation of the world map has been a constant struggle. In its current iteration it makes more sense to think of it as a flat map or gameboard with playing pieces on it, rather than a realistic representation.

      You are free to move around the map, and that’s to support exploration.

      • FiloDough  says:

        Have you considered the Baldur’s Gate model of fixed locations? Would probably save you a bunch of time and effort (I understand exploration is important to you, but you could do that in-level rather than in-map).

  • TrueGoerts  says:

    Wow, after checking and seeing that the idea of Godfall was conceived years ago now I had little hope of seeing it become a full game. This was reinforced by the last comment on the announcement news post. Through sheer coincidence I am checking this site not more than a day after your last post Garin, and I can’t tell you how excited that makes me. Even after all this time I find myself going back to the Monsters’ Den games and I look forward to seeing Godfall completed. I did notice you have plans to begin a kickstarter campaign and now knowing that you are working on the game more/again I would be happy to help donate some money towards your work.

  • emilandres69  says:

    yey! glad to see an update. 😀

  • Crushstomp  says:

    HI Garin, I’ve been a fan of Monster’s Den for an age now, really glad to see you are still working on this project. I’m really excited to see all the new screen shots, game looks amazing so far. In response to your comment on the game board style world; had you thought of adding a haxagonal overlay, might help keep things ordered for the players. Though i have no idea what that would take to program; it would also be well within keeping for the “old skool” feel of this game. I also would be happy to dontate to a kick starter, and I know a fair number of people who would also. Keep us updated on that, as I’d love to see this come to fruition. 10/10 from me 🙂

  • Zombie-Chan  says:

    Another thing that I missed.

    What about the skills? is there any improvements? I for one would like a set of new skills added to GodFall. For example:

    More passive skills to increase attributes.

    And/or you could add a synergy from skills (like diablo 2), for example, if you raise the PinShot-Skill, the stun offense passively increase by a bit.

    And/or making the skills can be upgraded to a few level. level 1 for 10% effectiveness, 2 for 20%, and 3 for 30%,etc.

    The last one would be a unique skill for every hero you made, so that every hero would be different.

    Everything I propose is just ideas. Feel free to use it. I would be grateful.

  • John  says:

    Just wanted to let you know that i love the monster’s den series and i’m looking forward to this one coming out!

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