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There are certain things that come with being an independent developer. You have to become a business.. a brand. It’s no longer just about building the game. You need to worry about business and marketing. Public perception can feel very important.

I admit I’ve never been very good at the business side of things. But an independent developer is also still a person, and sometimes that’s the weak link.

Lately I have been going through a rough time. That’s a bit of an understatement, but the details aren’t important right now. The bottom line is that I haven’t been able to get much done on the game, and that’s why I’ve been quiet.

I will finish Monsters’ Den Godfall. The game is not cancelled, or anything like that. I don’t have the money to complete it (in terms of paying contractors) so I will still have to try a smallish Kickstarter at some point. But not yet.

I appreciate the messages and questions about the game . I’m incredibly grateful that you are still looking forward to the game and following it’s progress. I don’t take the interest for granted at all– it’s the most precious commodity a small developer can have. Lately I haven’t been equipped to steward that interest properly. I’m trying to figure out how to do all of this better.

Things are not back to normal yet. I have help and support, but it’s going to take some more time. I may be quiet again for a while.

Thanks for your understanding and your patience. You can still feel free to contact me here or in private.




24 comments to Getting Better

  • nomrefuse  says:

    I am a Fan of book of dread, and still regularly and eagerly checking for news here.
    I am a terrible businessman too… Good luck then, mate.

  • Aaron Styles  says:

    Hey, take the time you need. I’m sure there will be a bunch of people who will support you financially when you need it to finish the game!

  • Recent Finance/Business Grad  says:

    What resources do you need to finish the game? Get a solid list together in terms of the people/money/time/ect required to finish it and start it. I’m sure some smaller developers would help you finish it just for a small equity portion of any of the money the game makes. This way you could get help for a small amount of cash, which if you don’t have, people could donate or crowdfund .

    Basically you make a company (ex. Monsters Den LLC) get people to put money in, and in return they get an equal percentage portion of the game profits. For example, you could own say 50% of the company, then 50 other people each own 1% of the future profits. So lets say you bring in $1,000, you make $500 and each other person makes $10. This is one possibility.

    A lot of people follow this game so I think that it’s definitely a possibility that you could get people to invest/donate small portions for equity and whatnot, or you could probably try to accept donations at first, see what you can get, then if you need more, get that from crowdfunding (this way you could make sure you get the most equity you can get to make more money).

    I’d definitely like to see another game come out just trying to think of ways to make it happen

    • Recent Finance/Business Grad  says:

      Also not just developers, but anything you need. Ex. get people in marketing/advertisement/accounting to work on equity. Enough recent grads are looking for work right now that you can prob someone with time on their hands that will work for free in return for a proceeds of the equity. email me if you have any questions

  • Waterzxc  says:

    I am not a programmer or artist or anything that could help you with your game. However, if you do need input from the community, just say so. Even if you just need some idea on a character, some plot or whatever, we would love to give you as much support as we can.

  • Mexx  says:

    I am still eagerly waiting for this game to come out and I understand that you are having difficulties in life but that is zero reason to abandon communication with your fans. Even in the most extreme scenarios you as a developer and a person need to keep your fans involved to not only help you financially but also for input and to keep you motivated. Even if you cant update us on progress in the game just having community interaction will keep us from abandoning you. Do not just go quiet, be here tell us about your stumbling blocks in the game, tell us what you need to do to get this done. You are not alone, in fact I am sure there is a ton of people that still want this game finished and will help in whatever way they can. I know once your kickstarter comes out I will donate because I want this to succeed.

  • Euler  says:

    Best wishes.

  • TheGreatKhan  says:

    Take care, we’ll be here.

  • Cordacc  says:

    I’ve never bothered to leave a comment before, but I check on you about once every month and I really hope all is well. In fact probably every hit this website gets is a real human rooting for you, we just don’t always remember to say that.

  • Mephisto  says:

    good luck, i will be waiting

  • bkontyko  says:

    If this is available on smart phones I think you could sell it for $2-$4. If you use small developers who are payed on a percentage of sales I think you could speed up the process

  • Chuisfree  says:

    Thanks for letting us know where you are at. Monster’s Den is one of my all-time favorite dungeon crawlers. I was actually just talking about your upcoming game with a friend the other day and I am still very interested. I would definitely support a kickstarter, when you feel ready to do one. I think you have great talent and your games are amazingly fun (I’ve been a fan since the first and I think they have logged more time on Kongregate than any other game I’ve played on there).

    Good luck. We’ll be here.

  • Kaysed  says:

    Thanks for the update! Good luck on the game!

  • Kellog  says:

    Why do tomorrow what can be done today?

  • MD3  says:

    I love your game and been following you since day 1. Hope you don’t give up on the game and let me play for free. Hehehe! If I can afford it someday I will gladly pay. 😀

  • wilbme  says:

    I know I’m a bit late to the party on this post, but we’re all with you. You’ve done incredible work just with the Monsters’ Den games you’ve already released. As others have said, take the time you need. We love Monsters’ Den, and it wouldn’t exist without you, so you’ve earned our respect and patience. I’ve been playing these games since the day of the release of the first game and was lucky enough to help beta test the second, and I can’t wait to play the next one whenever it becomes available. Best wishes on whatever other challenges you face, but know that a Kickstarter for something like this would get plenty of support.

    P.S. If you happen to have any experience or know anybody with experience in mobile games, I think Monsters’ Den would be a fantastic game for mobile devices, and that could get you some more money as well. I know I’d definitely buy MD for my phone. Just a thought, but obviously could be quite an undertaking.

  • DontGiveUp  says:

    When you complete this and all your fans buy a copy, the difficult times will be forgotten. Thank you for enduring while keeping up the hard work and dedication to quality: respect for your efforts.

    I am looking forward to buying this game both because I know it will be representative of the best you can do, and because I can understand what you put in to making it the best.

    Religious connotations put aside: our prayers are answered not when we are given what we ask, but when we are challenged to be what we can be.

  • TBSFAN  says:

    All the fans of the game are with you and will play it whether it comes out now or 2 years time. I wouldn’t have the patience or ability to do what you do. Keep up all the good work and Thankyou!

  • Gamer, fan, fellow game dev  says:

    I’m not sure where the appropriate place is to leave this comment — but hopefully this will work. A friend recently turned me back towards your game(s), which I remember distinctly from Kongregate.

    I think in general your design is extremely high quality and your games are fun, but looking back over them I remember the resounding flaw I encountered the first time: You simply can’t create an RPG where enemies scale to characters’ levels. It defeats the most fundamental concept of the genre. It was no accident that the Final Fantasy franchise — the original and most successful RPG franchise of all time — was nearly destroyed singlehandedly by FF8 and its monster-scaling experience system. To this day the game developers look back on it as an expensive lesson.

    It’s often hard to see past personal preference towards wise game design choices. Hopefully a strong comment here will help guide you. Your games are so well crafted, it’s truly a shame to render them so much less than what they could be with one bad decision.

    Best of luck for future games!

  • Darkd8277  says:

    I am one of your biggest fans, i played both of the versions out on armorgames, i love it because its simple and completely awesome. Good luck on development i will be waiting when godfall comes !!

  • Drew  says:

    I stumbled upon monster’s den chronicles a few years ago and its the only game I’ll still play on my mac. The concept is simple and beautiful and the gameplay is immersive and fun. From what I can see it looks like you’re taking it even further. I’m really excited to see more content and play it.

    Also, I never knew these games were being developed by one person…I’m honestly really impressed. Thank you for all that you have done. Keep up the good work.

  • Agarth  says:

    Well, I don’t know how to say this but thanks for sticking with it. Honestly I would understand if you dropped the project, I wouldn’t want you to, but it’s understandable. So I guess the fact that your hanging on is really awesome, most wouldn’t be able to. I’ll be keeping tabs on steam, check back here every couple months, and I’ll be waiting. Good luck to you and your endeavor and thanks for the update.

  • Mexx  says:

    He just recently posted an update and talk of a kickstarter, hes back and I am so looking forward to this!

  • Fathem  says:

    Thanks Mexx!

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