Monsters’ Den Godfall – Now on Kickstarter!

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At long last I’m pursuing crowdfunding for Monsters’ Den Godfall. As things stand right now, this is the only way I will be able to complete the game.

Please have a look at the Kickstarter page and consider backing at whatever level you’re comfortable with. I’m very grateful for the continued support and interest you have shown in me and my games.

If you have the time, I’d also greatly appreciate a vote on Steam Greenlight.


Monsters' Den: Godfall - A Turn-Based Dungeon-Crawling RPG -- Kicktraq Mini


15 comments to Monsters’ Den Godfall – Now on Kickstarter!

  • Cordacc  says:

    I wondered why the site was down. And now I’m way too excited!! Nice to see things going better.

  • Guises  says:

    I’m really glad to see that things have gotten to this point, I’ve been waiting for Godfall since, well, since Book of Dread pretty much.

    I’m disappointed to see no mention of DRM or Linux on the Kickstarter page, these are two things which I look for immediately with any Kickstarter project. I don’t know how much additional work it would be for you, but these are two things which matter to me a lot.

    • garin  says:

      Unfortunately I can’t support Linux– it’s a technical issue. My hands are tied there.

      All reward tiers include the option of a DRM-free version– I’d just removed that explanation to simplify the wording. I’ll add it to the FAQ now.

      • guises  says:

        All right, I appreciate that much at least. It’s a bit of an obstacle, since my current PC is single-boot Linux, but if I Kickstart it now then maybe I’ll be able to play it down the road sometime.

        Are you using Adobe Air or something? That usually works pretty well with Wine… I’ll figure it out once it’s done.

  • MD3  says:

    YEAH!!! I can’t wait to play this game! 😀

    I love Monsters’ Den so much!

  • Agarth  says:

    Question: If funded, what kind of time frame are we looking at for completion? I wasn’t able to find anything referencing an estimated time, so I assume your not 100% sure, if so could you ball-park it?

    • garin  says:

      I’m being conservative and saying early next year.

  • Ghaleon  says:

    Nice surprise e-mail I got… I haven’t visited this place for over a year, but backed! (albeit a cheap one, I’m still very low income). I found it a bit surprising that you mention skill trees though. One of the things I remember discussing like… 4 effing years ago =P, was our mutual opinion that skilltrees were a kind of… inferior method of character customization. Though the SHAPE of the tree listed on the screenshot looks pretty odd, maybe that will help. We’ll see!.

    Regardless though, hyped, and trying to advertise the cause!

    • garin  says:

      I’d be surprised if I said I dislike skill trees in general! I don’t like tree-like systems where you put multiple points into each node, like Diablo 2.

      • Ghaleon  says:

        Oh…maybe, can’t remember the small details. I can sorta see why you would think that. Most of the time those kinds of trees kinda make anything but full investment and/or 1 point investments the only good choice, creating cookie-cutter builds that don’t really take much strategy or good theorycrafting to discover for yourself (and I don’t mean googling best spec or whatever). But 1 point per level skilltrees in a game with a level cap of 99 and a skillcap of 5-10 (which caters to full investment all the time instead of variable partial investments) or whatever don’t really strike me any worse than one point per level trees with a cap of 1 when you rarely pass level 20 or whatever.

        Of course, I have no clue what the level cap of godfall is, or how many skillpoints you get, or any of that. But based on the size of the tree in the screenshot, and the fact you seem to indicate that you cannot spend multiple levels into one part of hte tree. I’m guessing this isn’t a game where players are really expected to reach several dozens of levels in any but the most extreme circumstances.

        Don’t mean to complain, I’m still pumped. I just like yapping alot about game mechanics, regardless of them being released or not =P

  • Euler  says:

    Glad to heart that things are progressing! Looking forward to the game.

  • Ari  says:

    Backed. I’ve checked on this site every month or two for the past few years. Really happy to see this finally moving. I hope it’s a successful project for you!

  • Ghaleon  says:

    Man, I want more support. I don’t mean to be a negative nancy but I’m worried that we wont make the goal. we’re only at 12G after 12 days, and the first couple days has like most of the activity soo… yeah. Next time I sacrifice something innocent to vile gods monsters den will be the first thing that comes to mind!

    Also, IIRC a few years back Garin mentioned that Book of Dread was translated in other languages, or was it Japanese, I forget. Anyway, around tha titme I think he also mentioned it was being developed for mobile apps too. Whatever happened to that? I’d LOVE to play monsters den on my phone, but I looked on my phone for it but couldn’t find anything.

    • garin  says:

      Yeah, I’m a little worried about the lack of momentum at this point. I’ve contacted a lot of press but nobody seems too interested. It’s not a very sexy game and I’m not a big name.

      There were two different attempts to get a version of Book of Dread done for Android, and both developers ended up bailing. I’d probably have to do it myself to get it done and it is hard to find the time.

  • AllusiveGold  says:

    Any idea when a release date for this will be, seeing you posted one a month ago, but nothings new on kickstarter.

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