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Two weeks ago our Kickstarter campaign ended, overfunded enough to reach the first stretch goal. It was a crazy, exhilarating, harrowing experience, and I can’t thank enough all of the people who made it a success. In the closing hours I hosted my first livestream, reposted here for posterity. Be warned- it’s rough and unedited.

During the Kickstarter campaign, I got many messages from people who either could’t contribute yet, or were limited by Kickstarter’s payment options. To support those people (and hopefully reach the additional stretch goals!) I’ve set up a new page here: Crowdfunding!

Funds raised here will go into the budget of the game. The same rewards from the Kickstarter campaign are available (for the equivalent prices), but only for a limited time.

One comment to Success! + Additional Funding Options

  • Todor  says:

    Great stuff! I was not aware that this project was going forward. Saw that it was greenlit on Steam and immediately rushed here and pre-purchased a copy through the Crowdfunding section of the site. Looking forward to 2016!

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