Last Chance For Crowdfunding Rewards

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For anyone who was hoping to support Monsters’ Den: Godfall and gain access to crowdfunding rewards, time is running out. I will not be accepting new pledges past the end of February.

(Note that this applies only to new pledges through Humble Bundle, existing backers still have time to claim outstanding rewards).


8 comments to Last Chance For Crowdfunding Rewards

  • tofi  says:


  • King  says:

    I have been waiting patiently a long time for this game. I have contributed to this games development. I understand delays, and am not trying to rush you, but perhaps some sort of update is in order? Maybe at least drop by with a sentence or two every couple weeks or something? Many times it is months between any news at all on any of your sites (this one, twitter, facebook).

  • popopopop  says:

    6+ years : (

  • King  says:

    …thats what I’m talking about. Whens the last time you made any post on this site? February. Facebook – also February. Over 3 months ago. On kickstarter? April 18, over a month. Does anyone even know if you are still breathing? Do you even come to this website anymore? I don’t know. Apparently, I put in more time updating your website than you do, I made a post! It’s much easier to be patient if there is some indication that something, anything, productive is happening. Even if all you do is pop up every two weeks and say “doing boring game balancing stuff, not much exciting to report”, that’s something. Please don’t let this end up like Starflight 3, where we all wait 20 years for nothing. I am enjoying the BOD:Remastered, but it all feels so 2008, because it was when I played it! Say something – call me an impatient buffoon, I don’t care. When the game was going to be free, you didn’t owe any explanations. After 5 years of promises and waiting, and over $30,000 in compensation, perhaps a monthly “I’m working on it” wouldn’t be too much to ask?

  • MD3  says:

    hey guys I’ve been following monster den since the beginning and I check back every six months or more and now I can afford this game if this ever comes out. We’ve been waiting for so long now like King said an update every week or maybe just once month on this site is all we wanted for now. We love this game and we thank you for it. Please release this game soon I can’t wait anymore! 🙁

  • MAC1992  says:

    Do we will see a remastered version of Monsters Den: The Book Of Dread someday??? PLSS…

  • Joshua Walker  says:

    Man, do you like, need some help? I really enjoyed your previous games and have been looking forward to the next one for like, literally years. I totally understand how things can be, but I hope you realise you have a lot of fans that would really appreciate at least an update.

    I’m serious, by the way. I’m an artist and I can code… hit me up. I just want some more MD!

  • King  says:

    I don’t think he comes here anymore. All updates are on the Kickstarter page.

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