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Apologies for the long gap between updates, It’s true that I’ve been neglecting this site lately in favour of the Kickstarter page. If you’re interested, I’d encourage you to have a look at the updates there for more details.

In general, development on the game continues and beta testing will start at the end of July. Testing will initially be open only to Kickstarter backers of the appropriate tiers.

After consulting with the backers, I’ve also decided to sell the remastered version of Book of Dread (created for the Kickstarter campaign) separately. I’ve put together a quick Greenlight page for it here.



12 comments to Update!

  • Joshua Walker  says:

    yaaay thanks for the update!

  • King  says:

    Here we go again…Across 4 of Dan’s websites, no update in 3 weeks, and that was just a sentence or two saying “I’ve been sick”. Has anyone seen this beta yet? Any feedback on it? Worth the wait? Is Dan still sick and beta hasn’t gone out yet? Did he perish? Was his hard drive stolen and he has to start over? Is he still very depressed that it didn’t come out by the end of 2011, like he said he would be in March 2011? Or is he just too distracted playing Pokemon Go? Maybe I should have used that kickstarter money to buy a steak dinner and a six pack of frosty cold malt beverages. I wish he could be bothered to update his followers/donators. Anyone have any info they can share?

  • garin  says:

    King, I can’t find a backer with your email address. If you drop me an email with your backer name and your PayPal address I’ll be more than happy to refund your pledge. Sorry you’re unhappy!

  • King  says:

    Email sent. You probably just didn’t check your Humble backers. I’ll be replying to the email you sent me in January when you couldn’t get BOD:Remastered sent to Humble donators. Sorry, man, but it’s been over 5 years. When you started accepting money, I thought release was at least close. It’s probably going to be at least until early next year until Alpha, so I graciously accept your offer of refund.

  • Gendou  says:

    I got my Beta key, but I’m still waiting on my BoD Steam Key.

  • Emilio Andres  says:

    Hello man I’ve been following Monsters’ Den since the flash days way back in college. I was waiting for this my whole life and hopefully you can finish it this year. I am able to buy your game on steam and will definitely share this with my friend. Hope this could help.

  • Sidney  says:

    Why aren’t we Humble backers getting the BoD Remastered Steam keys?

  • KennethChibe  says:

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  • XRumerTest  says:

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