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Battle for Wayland Keep

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My brother Matt released his latest game this week, Battle for Wayland Keep.


For quite a while now he’s been working on his first RPG, Ortus, a sprawling epic in the vein of the Infinity Engine games. Battle for Wayland Keep is a smaller preview adventure using the Ortus engine (wonder where he got that idea). It can be quite taxing on your PC, especially RAM-wise, so I wouldn’t try it on a netbook. Otherwise, though, do check it out– it’s worth your time.

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Statistics. Or, “how many codes?”

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Earlier today my brother pointed me at this neat little plugin for FlashDevelop, so I’ve been compiling some statistics from my various projects.

The first Monsters’ Den is built from 21,091 lines of ActionScript.

The more advanced expansion/sequel, Book of Dread, ran to 30,024 lines of code.

The game I made with EA, Dragon Age Journeys, has a whopping 58,667 lines.

My new project, Monsters’ Den: Godfall, is currently at.. 11,509 lines. It’s much more efficiently written than the old Monsters’ Den engine but still, I have a lot of work ahead of me.

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