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Elegance vs. Simplicity

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When I was implementing the (new in Chronicles) “action clock”-driven battle system, I was faced with a problem. In the previous system every character took one turn per round, and so regeneration and skill effect durations were all tied to turns. But now having a higher Quickness stat meant that a character would actually have more turns. On top of the obvious benefits of acting more often, they would regenerate more quickly and effects on them would expire more quickly.

I spent a long time thinking about how to address this...

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Monsters’ Den Chronicles v1.5 Changelog

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I’m uploading the new version to Kongregate and Newgrounds now, Armor may take longer. So, what’s changed?

  • New infinite campaign- Act VI: The Limits of Evil. If you have already unlocked the other bonus campaigns this will be available. This campaign gives an experience more similar to the older Monsters’ Den games. You can no longer return to previous floors. Returning to the entrance stairs will allow you to leave the dungeon, and you’ll earn gold and item rewards based on how many floors you completed.
  • Ability to reduce campaign level. On the campaign select screen, click on the new campaign level label to open the settings page. If you’ve been wanting to use your godlike party to beat up some level 1′s, now is your chance.
  • ‘True Hit’ option for accuracy calculations is now available t...
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..better than your new stuff. Chronicles post-mortem.

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In a previous post, I asked for ways in which people thought Book of Dread (the previous game in the series) was better than Monsters’ Den Chronicles. Based on the responses to that, as well as general feedback on the game since it’s release, I’ve identified some common complaints. I’d like to talk about these factors, explain why they went the way they did, and perhaps figure out how they can be corrected in the future.

Be warned: this is a long one..

1. Slower Battles

A lot...

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Monsters’ Den Chronicles v1.4 – XX Chromosome Edition

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A new update to Chronicles has now gone live on Kongregate. It should appear on Armor Games within the next few days.


  • This version (finally) introduces art support for female characters. I hope people are happy with the non-pandering approach I’ve taken.
  • There’s also a new feature: you can now export your current progress to a convenient save file, and then import it later. This is somewhat against the spirit of the game, but the number of people reporting save problems was large enough that I had to try to find some solution. At least now it is possible to maintain a backup in case your data is lost. This will not appear in Armor Save-enabled versions of the game, as the Armor Save is supposed to serve the same purpose (and the two systems could interact badly).
So, what about...
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Premium Content

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For anyone on the fence, here’s a full breakdown of what is (and isn’t) in the Premium Content package for Monsters’ Den Chronicles.

1. Extra Characters

Unlock ten new characters, one of each class. These new heroes start with visually-distinct equipment, but are otherwise the same as the starting heroes. Parties can be formed from a mix of old and new characters.

This greatly increases your options for party composition, as you can (for instance) have two Confessors, or an all-Mage party.

2. Campaign Bonuses and Modifiers

The premium edition also unlocks new ways to customize each campaign.

Campaign bonuses let you choose between different benefits for a campaign.

  • Experience:¬†Experience earned from battle increased by 20%.
  • Reward: The gold reward for campaign completion will be dou...
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Monsters’ Den Chronicles 1.2

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Time for another new version! With the exclusive period ended, the game can also now start appearing on other portals (let’s try to ignore all of the sites already hosting a hacked version).

Here is the list of fixes:

  • The “Fixed Level” campaign modifier now works correctly
  • When the game loads, any bugged/missing Emporium achievements will be awarded
  • Purchased (premium content) Sparks of Legend are re-added to the starter inventory if the player clears all saved data
  • The cost to restock the Emporium shows properly on mouseover (when you can’t afford it)
  • The cost to restock now uses a different formula, it scales more smoothly and reasonably
  • Suborned Champion is now considered a “boss”, resists Coup de Grace
  • “Mind Control” can no longer be chained indefinitely in some rare circumstances
  • Rev...
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Monsters’ Den Chronicles v1.11

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A new version of Chronicles is now live on Armor Games, and it includes a host of bug-fixes and improvements.

v1.1 – Premium Content version

  • Premium Content added! New characters and campaign modifiers are available. The purchase is tied to your Armor Games account, and can be used whenever you are logged in.
  • Secondary stat bonus thresholds reduced
  • Boss monsters are not instantly killed by “Coup de Grace” – they now lose 30% of their max health
  • Ctrl shortcut in inventory is now “quick sell” rather than destroy item
  • “Auto Re-sort bag” button on inventory bags
  • Spark of Legend grants an extra enhancement slot
  • Cant use more than one Spark of Legend on the same item
  • Various other Spark of Legend-related bugs fixed
  • Some teal set items didn’t have enhancement slots, they do now
  • Store contents ...
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Monsters’ Den Chronicles v1.02

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A new version of the game has been uploaded to Armor Games. Here are the changes:


  • Online saving has been implemented. This requires a free Armor Games account.
  • Randomly generated items will correctly remember their number of enhancement slots
  • “Necromancer” stats have been reduced a bit
  • “Curse of Mortality” damage decreased
  • “A Martyr’s Example” shrine should no longer cause rare crashes
  • “Greater Devourer” has a description
  • Enemies should no longer try to revive disintegrated characters
  • Negative bonuses to healing now work more logically
  • Unvisited rooms will now highlight properly beyond the first floor (when mousing over %)
  • Confirmation dialogs now mention mention Cmd button as well as Ctrl (for Mac users)
  • You will not get campaign unlock messages every time you finish Act V (only ...
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Inaccurate Attacks on Chronicles

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In comments on the new game, a lot of people have been complaining that the accuracy calculations feel wrong or unfair. I wish this was new to me, but exactly the same thing happened on the release of both of the previous games.

In the interests of science, I added a new function to my editor. It simulates 10,000 attacks using the actual functions from the game (the editor is the game, compiled with different flags). Here are the results:


So. That’s that, then.

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Monsters’ Den Chronicles v1.01

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A new version is now live on Armor Games. Here is the change list:


  • Slightly increased experience gain from monsters
  • Decreased xp lost from defeat penalty
  • Game prompts to increase local storage allocated for saves
  • Force save files to disk when we exit to menu
  • Fixed issues with quitting to menu during a battle then resuming
  • Additional confirmation dialog when aborting game in progress
  • Fixed item “Nomad’s Crook”
  • “Time Warp” skill has some new drawbacks
  • Beginner difficulty is now the default
  • The first time a campaign is started, force display of the difficulty select screen
  • Show the character’s portrait in level up screen
  • Add customize character button to paperdoll in inventory (was only in character screen)
  • Mouse-over text background is darker
  • Slight color hinting on item tooltips, r...
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