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Chronicles is the newest in the Monsters’ Den series, sponsored by Armor Games.


The community have been doing a great job on a helpful wiki for the game!


For news posts about Chronicles, click here.

20 comments to Monsters’ Den Chronicles

  • warriorqueen13  says:

    Will there be female playable characters soon? My friends and I where disappointed when we found out that we couldn’t play as female characters. My friends and I won’t play the game until female playable characters are reintroduced into the game series. It is discrimination to suddenly rip them from the game when female playable characters were in the first two games. Not to mention that it sucks when you have to make your self in another gender because there simply not in the roll playing game. How are we female gamers supposed to enjoy this game if our gender isn’t in it. sure there are some female gamers that are willing to deal with it, but why should we when there are so many other rpg’s that offer female playable characters? Simply put. Why aren’t they there in the first place?

    • Zerix  says:

      I’m a guy, and i just like to play female characters. Nothing with discrimination here dramaqueen13

  • garin  says:

    I talked about the situation here:

    If you don’t want to play the game, I understand.

  • armpit  says:

    I find this website impossbile to navigate. I saw your reply to my post on the other thread but for whatever reason I cannot log in and go back to that page to respond.
    Yes I have tried many many times to register with armor games. I get the “registration successful” pop up and it says it wants to verify my e-mail address and that it can take up to 24 hours.
    Well the first time I did it was about 3 weeks ago and still no response.
    I tried re registering and same thing. I’ve registered I think at least 4 or 5 times now. I’ve sent into support like is suggested at least 3 or 4 times and here it is almost a month later and I still don’t have anything from armor in my e-mail. And of course I checked my spam folder and it’s not in there.
    So anyway, I got all the store items upgraded to full upgrade, had my characters up to level 60+
    Had quite a few of the legendary socket things. did the maintenance on my pc the other day and now I’m back to square one. I’m not going thru that again.
    Great game, Communication with armor somewhere down the line is broken tho.
    It’s a shame I did enjoy this game quite abit. If ya can help me maybe in a the future I may try it again.

  • reddobe  says:

    Whoa-up. After going through 36 waves on act 4 I got a phone call and had to leave. So I went through the main menu to exit to save, only to find out that I lost credit for all 36 waves I already went through and need to start over again at Wave 1?!
    Sorry but Act 4 is way too time consuming for that kind of behavior. Major design flaw. Pretty good game but I won’t be going through that again.
    Get a few more things fixed and I might look at it again but for now, I’m done.

    • garin  says:

      That’s not a bug. Your progress is not saved in Act IV, it’s the new survival mode.

      • jaderu  says:

        Couldn’t we at least get the Dimensional Pocket and gold as though we retreated? I had Shockwave Flash crash on me right after wave 50 wondering how far the rabbit hole would go only to find that I wasted three hours tediously fighting those nasties… 🙁 Couldn’t you code the rewards to be given after every Boss fight? 🙂

  • allenhill2002  says:

    What’s the word on the Kongregate release of MD: Chronicles? I prefer to get the premium content on their more than Armor Games. I’m just not a big fan of the layout of Armor Games.

  • bchsdfgdfhyteyh  says:

    the action clock idea was brilliant, although different characters should move at radically different speeds for a more interesting move sequence

  • bchsdfgdfhyteyh  says:

    I think there should be some way to snap a thrall or spellslave out of hypnotism and turn them into temporary allies

  • bomberjon  says:

    Fun game. Fan of DND, Fan of Games, thus Fan of DND games. Summary: Game balancing badly needed. My game settings. Extreme – Hardcore – Start dungeon level 1, Characters level 1, no grinding and stacking characters, level with the dungeon straight through. Only way to accomplish this is Cleric, Assassin rogue, both rangers. Cleric (for purify at higher bosses), Rogue (Coup de gras/instakill), Rangers (Quickness, Healing, Pin/Stun)

    Overpowered class: Rangers
    Underpowered class: Mages, Warriors
    Overpowered Stat – Quickness. Quickness = higher DPS, higher HealPS, Lower Enemy EDPS (first instakill / Stun)
    Overpowered items – +Heal skill, +Heal on, Health steal
    Underpowered items – Armor, Basic attack stats (int, dex, str bonuses)

    — Health steal gives +15 on a Tier 5 or 6 item. Endurance on an equal tier item gives +8 endurance being generous (+32 hp). Health Steal will be equivalent in 2 combat rounds. +heal on items will generally provide +40 hp. That’s a return in 1 combat round.

    — Armor is marginally useless compared to quickness. Quickness improves DPS, HPS, lowers EDPS, and allows for first kills and pins. Armor just gives a bonus to lower enemy dps IF you get hit. This makes armor useless for any class except cleric.

    — Warriors and Mages needs to be revised with more DPS and mages with more crowd control utility spells.

    Problem is, I wish I can build other viable comps using Warriors, Mages, the other rogue, without rely on Coup the gras (rinse +repeat), 2 Pins, Quickness the whole game through. It gets boring. When I can kill a monster instantly 380+HP in one shot, no amount of Warrior, Mage DPS currently will kill a monster in 1 shot (2 actions). Also I just stack the +heals and health steals, and the monsters don’t do enough damage for my guys to heal themselves everyround. And with ranger quickness, I usually get 2 turns for every monsters 1 turn.

    Anyway, I hope you can make some of the other classes more available to play.

  • showme  says:

    I think I may find a bug now. The “dragon hunter” set, I’v collected 5 items of it for long (head, shoulder, chest, leg, hand), but I never see the feet part in the set, many times I refreshed the shop though.

    • showme  says:

      oops, the boss in ACT5 gave me one just now :-p

  • showme  says:

    another possible bug: an offhand item which has an attribute “when healing (100%), to self: +x health” seems don’t work. I tried different items with this attribute, and tried different way (heal other/ heal self/ healed by others, etc.), but no obvious effects seems taken place.

    • showme  says:

      P.S. the item’s name is “Liturgy on the Covenant of Blood”

  • showme  says:

    hi there,

    is there an upper limit of attack figure of 999? why is it there. I can’t raise it now but the health point of monsters are still growing with the level of my chars.

  • phyrone2  says:

    hey guys and garin, people have been demanding downloadable versions of the monsters den series. i have done just this. created an installer and got some pretty artwork fro the icons. i made it about an hour ago. i has all 3 monster’s den games (no pirated premium content for the third one) all compiled into one installer. it is virus free and everything. is it possible i can post the download link here garin? you can download it yourself and see what a nice job ive done 🙂 cant wait for godfall!

    • garin  says:

      I guess if the ads still function then it’s okay.

  • Sietse  says:

    Hi there,

    Just a quick message to let you know that your fantastic game has been listed in our list of top RPG/Strategy flash games.

    Hope you like it!


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