Monsters’ Den Chronicles was released in March 2012. As an entirely new game built from the Godfall codebase, it was a departure from the earlier games in the series in several respects. It featured an isometric dungeon view instead of the traditional overhead, and full-body sprites in combat instead of portraits. It also had a different structure, with the player progressing the same large group of heroes over the course of many separate¬†adventures.

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Dragon Age Journeys

Dragon Age Journeys: The Deep Roads was released in October 2009. This was a contract job for Electronic Arts, in collaboration with Bioware. I served as the designer and lead programmer on the project. Set in the Dragon Age universe, the game is linked with Bioware’s Dragon Age: Origins, allowing players to unlock exclusive items for use in that title.

DA: Journeys is an RPG with turn-based, tactical combat. It features very high production values, including art by well-known animator Adam Phillips. Unlike my other RPGs, it has a strong narrative focus, although I contributed little to the writing beyond the story outline itself.

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Monsters’ Den: The Book Of Dread was released in May 2008. An expanded version of the first Monsters’ Den, it includes several new features and interface improvements, as well as a lot of new content.

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Monsters’ Den was released in December 2007. It is a stripped-down, dungeon crawl RPG with a focus on combat and loot. This was my first independent game, and surprised me with its popularity. Unfortunately it was a financial disappointment, after an ill-fated contest entry left me with nothing.

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