Flash Gaming Summit 2011

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Next month is the third annual Flash Gaming Summit, in San Francisco. This year I will actually be speaking on the panel Polish: Make Your Games Shine. This is somewhat nerve-wracking for me, but it should be good experience.

The hyper-curious will be able to view streaming video from FGS on the day.

Update: The recording of the session is available here. It’ll be of limited interest to most people, though.

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Art Preview: Player Character Armor

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As a peek behind the curtain, here are sketches of some of the armor styles available to player characters in Godfall.

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Godfall: Overland Travel

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Brand new to the Monsters’ Den series is the ability to travel overland- to visit different towns, dungeons, and other locations. Here are the first screenshots of the travel map (the usual disclaimer applies: it’s a work-in-progress).

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Godfall Report: November 2010

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First things first: It’s now pretty obvious that the game won’t be out this year. If you’re waiting, I’m sorry, but I’m doing my best to deliver on the promise in this concept.

More work was done on skills this month, that’s ongoing as inspiration strikes. The groundwork was also laid for the customization of player sprites, with artwork now in production. The player characters in earlier Godfall screenshots were placeholders, in the final game the characters’ battlefield appearance will accurately reflect their equipment.

What took up the most of my time this month, however, was the world map. I rewrote the code for the overland segments to make it render more efficiently (tile-based) and did a lot of experimenting with different ways of presenting it. Coming up with the final map itself was the biggest element, though, and it is (thankfully) now pretty much locked down. Instead of placeholder locations on a placeholder map, the real things can now be placed. I’ll post the first screenshot of the overland stuff soon.

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Godfall: The Grand Delving

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The races of men and dwarves have had a tumultuous history. They have been trading partners, occasional allies, and sometimes bitter enemies.

During the Godfall, with the surface world erupting in death and chaos, an isolationist faction within the Earthern Nations began to gain support. Eventually, it was decided to abandon the surface entirely. The dwarves would begin their most ambitious project ever– the Grand Delving.

A small rearguard force would remain behind, to safeguard their most important sites and relics during the transition. Soon, the great migration will be complete. The history of dwarf and man is entering its final chapter.

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The Fate of Dragon Age Journeys

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I wanted to point out this dev diary talking about the future (and history) of the Journeys project. I would be delighted to see it completed some day.

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Dragon Age Legends

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or “What the Journeys team did next” (without me).

This week EA2D announced one of the games they’ve been working on for quite some time:
Dragon Age Legends. This is another Dragon Age tie-in game (quite obviously) but with more of a social emphasis, and aimed at Facebook.

This is one to watch, as it’s significantly more engaging than your typical mindless Facebook click-fest.

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Godfall Report: October 2010

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This month saw a lot of new art added to the game, which is always exciting. There’s been continuing iteration on the interface– I’m pretty happy with the combat portion now, but other aspects still need some work (and prettying up.)

I also spent some time on the dungeon map. This is really the only element which has been carried over intact from Book of Dread, so it was time to change that. A few presentation tweaks make the exploration feel much nicer, and support for different dungeon tilesets is now added.

There have been big changes to the way stats influence skills, which has resulted in the new “Melee, Missile, Mastery” system. More skills have also been implemented. Godfall will have more than twice as many active skills as Book of Dread.

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Look! It’s Godfall!

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I suppose I can’t hide away forever. So, here’s the first ever look at the combat view in Monsters’ Den: Godfall!

Click for full-size version.

It’s still a work in progress, some elements are placeholder etc. But this should answer a few questions, and probably raise a lot more.

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Today I noticed all of the obnoxious advertising that had appeared all over the site. Rest assured, I didn’t put it there. Embarrassingly, I didn’t notice until now because of my browser’s ad-blocker– I didn’t bother disabling it here, because I knew my own site had no ads! Well, originally.

To fix it, I had to take the site down and pretty much reinstall it from scratch. The database has been cleaned up, the security hole has been addressed, and their ad code has been reported to the ad provider. Hopefully something like this doesn’t happen again– I would have preferred to spend my day actually working on the game.

I haven’t set up the forum again yet, I’ll do it tomorrow (no posts will be lost.)

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