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I am currently in San Francisco for GDC and the Flash Games Summit. Your regularly scheduled updates will resume soon.

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Godfall: The Companies

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The Godfall was not kind to the ruling classes. In the time before, it was very unusual indeed for a member of the aristocracy to be named under the sign of Aristei. As their more auspicious patron gods died, so too did they, and the human world was thrown into turmoil and anarchy.

As the Order worked to re-unite and secure the scattered survivors of the former human kingdoms, it became clear that their strength of arms would never be enough. There remained a great many dangers in the world, from the barbarous tribes of the Greenskins to the hideous creatures that dwell in the wild places– and they had come through the Godfall untouched, their numbers undiminished. To induct enough new Clerics to maintain adequate defenses was impossible, and with food stores and supply lines dangerously unstable, raising traditional armies was impractical. What the Order did have at its disposal, though, was the accumulated wealth of dead kings.

The solution was to encourage the founding of the Companies: mercenary organizations composed of battle hardened, elite fighters. They would do the necessary work to ensure security and guard against the worst threats– for gold and glory.

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Godfall: Aristei, the Hanging Judge

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The Godfall is not well understood. The events that led to the cataclysm, and even its true nature are shrouded in mystery. Perhaps those in the best position to know are the Clerics of the Order of Aristei, the last surviving god, but they are not known for their openness.

Before the Godfall, Aristei was the goddess of retribution, and relatively low in the hierarchy of the pantheon. She is known colloquially as the “Hanging Judge”, and depictions of her would often have her holding a noose or wearing an executioners hood. Since the collapse of society, her Clerics have become the dominant force in human affairs. It is no longer permitted to speak her name, or to represent her directly in artwork.

High ranking Clerics are assigned the title of Justiciar, and the High Justiciar is considered the embodiment of Aristei’s will and is the de facto ruler of all surviving human settlements. On a practical level, the worship of Aristei is unavoidable unless one has access to spiritual protection through other, heretical means. The Order also maintains a near-monopoly on the power of resurrection, which grants them tremendous political sway.

From their congregation, they demand a heavy toll in blood and gold. But the Clerics of Aristei, the Hanging Judge, represent the sole remaining power standing between humanity and extinction.


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Welcome to the new home of my games on the web. For several years my brother and I have run Biclops Games as a joint portfolio site for our work. It has caused some confusion, though. We’ve decided it would be better to each have an individual presence.

Right now the site is primarily Monsters’ Den-related, but my lofty ambition is to someday make other games.


Rejected logo concept (insufficiently “metal”)

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