Monsters’ Den: Godfall

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Monsters’ Den: Godfall is the next chapter in the Monsters’ Den series!

The game has been successfully Kickstarted and Greenlit on Steam!


Monsters’ Den: Godfall is a new downloadable game for Windows and Mac, larger in scope and richer in content than ever before.

  • A turn-based role playing game focused on dungeon crawling and advancement.
  • Found and manage a Mercenary Company. Maintain a roster of heroes, upgrade your keep and adopt doctrines for universal bonuses.
  • Take direct control of a party of up to four adventurers to lead on missions.
  • Battle groups of enemies in turn-based tactical combat.
  • Procedurally generated dungeons, loot and missions.
  • Overland travel- visit new cities and dungeons, search ruins and find hidden places of interest.
  • Improved character advancement means increased freedom to personalize your team of heroes.
  • Hundreds of unique items that can be customized with enchantments.
  • More than 100 enemy types, each with unique skills requiring different tactical approaches.
  • Random dungeon modifiers add new wrinkles to each mission.
  • Story missions uncover the mysteries of the Godfall.



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213 comments to Monsters’ Den: Godfall

  • ChaosBladeDC  says:

    Registered for this page. Im looking forward to the beta. The artwork looks AWESOME

  • belgarat  says:

    ahh jep need a beta iΒ΄ve waited so long for godfall…

    • dhdjf  says:


  • James  says:

    So this is the new place huh? So clean…. so nice….
    And once godfall comes out, so busy. Ever so busy.

    • DamienT  says:

      2017, I am still waiting.

      • robivecchio  says:

        Released 1 week before this reply

  • Ghaleon  says:

    I’m personally wondering what the music will be like for the new MD >=)

  • ChaosBladeDC  says:

    @James: Not to mention the outright AWESOME avatars

  • LightningLord2  says:

    If Book of Dread was such a good game, then Godfall will be the most epic RPG ever.

  • Zols  says:

    Agreed LightningLord2, this shall, and perhaps will forever be, DA BESTEST RPG EVA

  • Riou  says:

    Really? This is the first time I’ve heard of a Monster’s Den 3, this time, I’m expecting more than moving pictures.

  • Ghaleon  says:

    I suggest DROOLING moving pictures!

  • Zols  says:


  • Ripfengor  says:

    Ahh this is gonna be fantastic. very excited, cant wait for some game features

  • Zols  says:

    *sigh* Don’t want to wait, but have to wait, but don’t want to… Wish I had a time machine…

  • iberlauf  says:

    is there a possibility for a facebook upload, and exploring that market? i would be more than eager to play it there, and introduce it to a much bigger facebook audience.

  • bob wales  says:

    I love your games..Why is there not many games like yours online and no mmo or like that.(it is kind of weird)

  • Andreas  says:

    Love the games, i can only agree to previous posters that this game will be epic.
    I also put my wishes out again for an iphone app with the game =)

  • Adam  says:

    hope it is downloadable!

  • Anonamys  says:

    could you give us a release date? or at least like an month it’ll probably come out?

  • garin  says:

    Sorry. I’d rather say nothing than give a date and risk missing it. I learned my lesson from Dragon Age.

  • Ghaleon  says:

    You can always use Blizzard’s trademark “soon” >=P

    • Jessica  says:


  • Zols  says:

    Don’t be dissing Blizz, they my home boys!

  • ChaosBladeDC  says:

    MD: Godfall is released when it’s finished. Easy as that.

  • Ghaleon  says:

    I’m not “dissing” blizz, I just like their “soon” >=)

  • Zols  says:

    Fair enough

  • Kranix  says:


  • Kranix  says:

    is that thing in the armor Aristei?

  • garin  says:

    Nope, it’s just a Cleric.

  • Ghaleon  says:

    Normally you don’t see clerics uses axes >=)

    • bchsdfgdfhyteyh  says:

      my clerics use axes (they double as knights)

  • garin  says:

    It’s not an axe, it’s a flanged mace.

  • Sparticus117  says:

    Gah, I long for the day of release. Tis a game worthy of God.

  • angeloadam  says:

    about 10 hours ago

  • angeloadam  says:

    about a week ago

  • angeloadam  says:

    hey how to play montser, den ?

  • angeloadam  says:

    this is monsters’ den godfall right?! i used my name as MD3 because i believe that this is the third monsters’ den game that i will soon play! πŸ˜€ i am getting impatient! almost two years but i don’t care! i’d rather wait than to have a game full of bugs! please don’t disappoint me MD:godfall! XD

  • Zols  says:

    Who is this person who keeps copying other peoples posts? If you look on the old one, he has more

  • Zols  says:

    Forum I mean

  • stage  says:

    Can we have some more Artwork preview/goodies please? :)~

  • grilfesee  says:

    bug crush fetish

  • Kranix  says:

    approxematily how many percent done do you THINK it is?

  • Kranix  says:

    you havent been posting here some time Garin….are you still here?

  • ChaosBladeDC  says:

    @Kranix: If garin would take the time to answer each comment on this page he wouldn’t even come slightly forward with Godfall

  • Kranix  says:

    @chaosbladedc oh yeah…of course!

  • Ghaleon  says:

    If you want a response I suggest making fun of the ax…err. mace >=P

  • garin  says:

    @Ghaleon: I told the artist to draw a mace, and it never looked like anything else to me. But now I can’t un-see the puny little axe (damn you). The way he’s holding it seems fairly dangerous, though.

  • ChaosBladeDC  says:

    There is nothing wrong with clerics wielding axes imo…

  • Kranix  says:


  • Kranix  says:

    BTW,who is the artist?

  • Ghaleon  says:

    Rofl! I’d feel guilty, but I’m evil >=)

  • Halosstar (Armorgames)  says:

    Hello people I just found about #3!!!!
    I got a few suggestions garin if your willing to listen!
    Nice Artwork btw!! Hope To See This Game Soon! It’ll Be Awsome Like The Others!
    Question About After Killing Boss In First Campain. Is The Any More Mega Bosses After Him? Post Back If Your Willing To Listen To My Ideas 8)

  • ChaosBladeDC  says:


    The Den of Corruption has no Mega Bosses after the corruptor, sorry. Also, if you have ideas, just post them here, garin frequently visits this page. If you don’t want to spread them publicly, you can E-Mail him. (look in the ABOUT section)

    I just wondered, why am I answering all those questions to garin? Im like his secrtarian lol

  • Ghaleon  says:

    You should ask for a raise.

    Serious question:
    I miss the forums, you could make up your own topics, and go off topic. These…comment listing thingies are pretty fixed. Are we supposed to try and stay on topic or can we just chat and say whatever too given proper context.

  • Ghaleon  says:

    where’s the report button, gah.

  • garin  says:

    It’s weird.. I don’t get email notifications on the spam comments, unlike normal ones.

  • ChaosBladeDC  says:

    Because they don’t “post” by the definition of that word. Either that or they have a coding that they surpress notifications of their activities. Im not a hacker, so I can’t answer that for sure.

  • Zols  says:

    Wait, I just noticed the picture is saved as godfall-teaser3…. THREE?!?! SI THER MOAR?!

  • ChaosBladeDC  says:


    If there are more pictures, garin will release them when he sees fit. Also I guess, there are simply multiple edits of this picture. 1. artwork only; 2. artwork with monsters den logo; 3. artwork, logo pagelink and credits

  • Zols  says:

    That was my best impression of an internet troll… Wasn’t that good…

    And thanks for the info Blade

  • Asaeis Wi Vio  says:

    If I could make a suggestion, could you allow the player to carry over his retinue from MD: Book of Dread onto Godfall?

  • ChaosBladeDC  says:

    Regarding the drastic transition of BoD to Godfall and the fact that it is a flash game, I highly doubt it could be possible in anyway to do such a transition.

  • Hans-Otto  says:

    Me and my kids have been playing Monster’s Den for the past 3 weeks. It’s fantastic! I started out playing easy, then progressed to extreme, playing with different groups of characters and trying them out. Anyhoo, what I wanted to say was that you should put a “donation” button on the game because I’d definitely donate to play good games, this gives an incentive for developers to keep making good games.

  • Zols  says:

    Yes yes, A donate would be very nice (I’m not promising any donations from me.) and would make a nice income. I highly suggest making one.

  • garin  says:

    I had a donate button on the old Biclops Games site. It was never used. As in, not ever.

  • MABELMack  says:

    Following my analysis, billions of persons all over the world get the home loans from good creditors. Thus, there’s a good possibility to receive a consolidation loan in every country.

  • ChaosBladeDC  says:

    @garin: Put the donation button into the game. MD was played Millions of times. The Forum got ~100 Members and felt like 10 visitors a day(the same). Kongregate has the Kreds system. I would have donated, but I’m still a minor and have no credit card/bank account. D=

  • Canislupus505  says:

    Hey man I have some suggestions about the new game. 1.) Update the Pandora’s Box drops, they kinda seem unfair lol. 2.) IDK but maybe we could get EXP wit every kill we get not like lvling up next dungeon lvl. 3.) Some new classes which you probly already put in, but maybe dark knight, dragon slayer (or slayer of some sort) Bard, Hunter with pets or something lol, Necromancer, Warlock, Druid, Tinker (mechanical guys) u know some of those should give you a lil more help. 4.) Possibly be able to make our own weapons, i really likes that idea from Monster Hunter tri. I’ll think of some other stuff to make this game insanely awesome lol sorry im not trying to make it even harder, just suggesting things to make it bigger. Love this game cuz its easy to play n not alot of graphics so its easy to play on a slow computer if needed lol well hit me up bout some thing man. Take care

  • daveysage  says:

    you probably get this alot, but i was wondering if it were possible to get some kind of estimate on how long it might take for the completion of the beta or higher version of godfall. i’m curious to see what we’ve all been waiting on, so would it be possible to get some examples of the gameplay? πŸ™‚

  • ChaosBladeDC  says:

    -you probably get this alot, but i was wondering if it were possible to get some kind of estimate on how long it might take for the completion of the beta or higher version of godfall. i’m curious to see what we’ve all been waiting on, so would it be possible to get some examples of the gameplay

    I estimate it might take until the release, when it’s released.

  • Goldstinger  says:

    Based on the time it’s taking you, either you keep running into roadblocks, or it is an AMAZING game. You should like earn money off of it by selling it through the more major video game systems. I would totally buy it for the PS3.

  • Dividie  says:

    agree with #17 Goldstinger, you should get it on the playstation 3 market along with xbox360 market, you would get cash like hell to evolve it with dlc or whatever, if i wasnt such a poor dude with low salary i would definatly support you with some donations :/ i cant wait untill youll release this game, been playing MD:bod since the release on kongregate and i never get tired of it, best flash ever!
    do you have some info about how far in on the dev you are atm ? any eta for the release ? anything ? πŸ˜‰ keep up the good work mate, you are without doubts the most kickass flash dev around !

  • ChaosBladeDC  says:

    @Dividie: No release date for now, garin will announce something if he feels like it.

    Also, XBox 360 and PS3 are graphic extensive, and most people prefer playing such games as disc. But how about offering it as a download for these consoles? Castle Crashers from Newgrounds did that, as well as Alien Hominid.

  • Skymusician  says:

    Hi there!

    I burnt A LOT of time with Monsters Den Book of Dread, a great game!
    Of cource Godfall looks even more promising. Once it will be finished, will it be playable on Kongregate too, or is it a commercial project?


  • ChaosBladeDC  says:

    I doubt that he’ll make a commercial Product on his own, with just using Flash.
    I’m pretty sure it will be on Kong, but I’d might be that there will be something like premium content or so. I hope that’s not going to be the case though (although I could understand that)

  • berkeley domecq  says:


    michael mathews of berkeley domecq consultancy is mentally retarded…

  • ChaosBladeDC  says:

    This should be updated, as it’s no longer the next Monsters’ Den Game

    • rmb123  says:

      Where can I play Godfall.

  • andduffy  says:

    Hey Garin, what’s up with the book chained to the cleric’s armor? Is it the Book of Dread? Or just a book? Spellbook, Holy Tome? Offhand slot?

  • kingmatt  says:

    would you ever think about making an ios version

  • rmb123  says:

    It came out already?

  • ani_4u  says:

    can we plz have more weapon selection for Clerics? They have only maces (and very rarely others). Also can you plz make the mage/conjuror such as they have their offhand positions open (It takes one hand for a wand/staff :p)

  • Arcan  says:

    I wish to Donate you so where is a donate button? πŸ˜‰
    And for me it look like a mace not an Axe πŸ˜› maybe you can post at last some new concept arts or some screens from game? I have only seen thos 1st one you ever posted on your old site.

  • rmb123  says:

    Where is it out?

  • ubergamer  says:

    im really looking forward to test the beta of godfall!

  • Luzbel  says:

    Hello everyone ,Im in desire to play at godfall !!!
    But have a question hope someone can answer me, please how I can customice the portraits on MD:book of Dread, yes I have seen the custom option under the image but the images I link from URL are never loaded Y_Y. Please if someone knows wich requirements are needed for succesfully load the image I would be much apreciated, thanks everyone.

  • Enakin  says:

    Hello everyone!

    Can I play to beta version of Godfall? If is yes, how?

    Forgive my english, I’m french!

  • Rytidoza  says:

    how can i play this game ?

  • Sepptimus  says:

    As far as I know, Godfall isn’t out yet.. This isn’t the next game because he put it on hold for Monster’s Den: Chronicles =p

  • redfernjade7  says:

    How do I become a tester? I cannot wait to play this game.

  • rmb123  says:

    i wanna become a tester, but how

  • Rytidoza  says:

    I WANT TO PLAY THIS GAME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • corobron  says:

    Just played chronicles, not as good as it looks… godfall needs to be more user friendly than it

    • corobron  says:

      there also needs to be a barbarian class

  • nick9595  says:

    i so badly want to play sike

  • xXxj500  says:

    when will the full game come out!?!?!? and if ther aint a barbaran ima be POed

  • zftre yuli ghut  says:

    […]Sites of interest {we have|we’ve} a link to[…]…

    […]usually posts some pretty intriguing stuff like this. If you are new to this site[…]…

  • gizzinator  says:

    when will godfall come out?

  • shadowman890  says:

    so much of u ppl sound like nerds and noobs if u got something 2 say keep it 2 ur self cause so much of u sound so stupid

  • Jyiber  says:

    1)Godfall might not be out for a few years.

    2)Chronicles is out, and you can find it on Armor Games.

    3)Some aspects of the classes in Book of Dread were merged with others in MDC.
    (e.g. One version of the Warrior has what were Barbarian skills.)

    4)Opinions are opinions, reasonable or not.

  • allenhill2002  says:

    I am 99% sure Godfall will not be out this year. If it DOES come out this year it will be a Christmas release. That will be the earliest possible release.

    Barbarian and Conjuror are the alternate versions of the Warrior and Mage. Or rather, they are the subclasses.

  • Rytidoza  says:

    I wanna ask when i can play Monsters’ den GodFall , or I wanna to be a TESTER !!!

  • TzarChasm  says:

    Just a few thoughts I’d like to pass on here, mostly related to Chronicles and how I’d like to see Godfall improve upon it.

    1) By now this series desperately needs a more effective way of restoring the party’s health and power than either slamming potions after every single fight or sitting around with one half-dead enemy, spamming the “pass turn” button until your bars refill. This is archaic and frustrating, and it adds absolutely nothing to the experience.

    2) Enemies are vastly overpowered in Chronicles. I realize you’ve gotten complaints about the game being too difficult and too easy, but let me put this out there: I stomped the hell out of the entire first campaign on my first play through. I had a balanced party with solid offensive and defensive capabilities. I leveled carefully and played with caution. I wiped all three of the first floors out completely, gaining as much experience as the game would allow. My third fight (against four enemies) in the first floor of the second campaign absolutely wiped me. Wtf, really? Godfall needs a difficulty curve, not a series of ridiculous spikes; this is just wrong.

    3) It still feels very much as though there are probably only a precious few viable party setups. Many abilities are unnecessarily expensive to use and underpowered for their costs. Promoting diversity by both empowering players to succeed without specific party members and encouraging a wider variety of ability choices would be wise. (Please note: I’m *not* asking that you make the game a cakewalk if I pick four Sorcerors.)

    4) Don’t bullsh*t me with the math; it’s absolutely insulting. When I see a 70% chance to kill an enemy listed on my screen, I damn well expect that seven out of ten times, that attack will succeed. Just today I blinded an entire party of bad Cultists by 30%, then watched them ALL land their hits. Meanwhile, THREE consecutive attacks failed to land on one bad guy with the exact same predictive value. Don’t do this; it’s horrible, stupid, and unacceptable. The numbers must not favor the computer. Either tell me I have a 3% chance to hit or have the decency to program it so that seventy percent means seventy percent.

    Overall, I enjoyed the first two games although they share some of the issues I’ve posted about here. (Which makes them even more frustrating, honestly.) I don’t think I’ll ever play Chronicles again after having been wiped too many times by enemies who can simultaneously buff themselves, cripple me, summon absurdly powerful allies (repeatedly!), and hit my heaviest tanks for 25% of their life per attackβ€”while blind.

    If only “pass turn” were slightly more effective… :/

    • garin  says:

      1) Agreed about the potions, I am taking steps there. The victory types in Chronicles (Decisive, Dominant etc) are there to combat the other problem. If the player intentionally drags out the combat, they are losing out on additional XP / items. There’s room for further improvement- it’s something I think about a lot.

      2) The whole level/scaling/quest system is different in Godfall.

      3) I’m already working in that direction with Chronicles. It’s why three classes can heal, three can resurrect etc.

      4) There is nothing happening under the hood with the numbers to favour the AI. What you see is what you get-and the percentages work out perfectly given a large enough sample size. What you’re really asking for is more bullshit, not less.

    • Krabore Numbnuts The 3rd  says:

      Just wanted to add : as a game designer myself, it may not be that the hit percentages are bullshit. Instead it may be that there is a bug that the 70% number (or whatever) isn’t accurate.

      The thing I’m trying to say is that it’s pretty hard to play-test / bug-test / notice a bug that causes you to not hit sometime or miss all the time, because it is technically feasible that you just had a bunch of bad rolls. If the bug does exist it is hard for the designer to notice. Instead of calling it Bullshit I’d just recommend being more kind about it and suggesting the developer do some tests to make sure that there isn’t a bug throwing the game’s hit percentage calculation off. It’s not like Garin would just make the hit percentage a random number and hoped people wouldn’t notice.

  • TzarChasm  says:

    I apologize for my bitter tone in the former comment; I made the post a few minutes after coming off of the full party wipe I mentioned. I’ve got no choice but to take you at your word regarding percentages, but it sure doesn’t feel like the game plays fairly. I understand that even a 95% chance to hit means I can–and will–eventually miss, but it seems to me that I get the crap end of the stick more often than not.

    Either way, it was surprising to see a response so quickly, given that I’m 7 months behind the last poster. I’m looking forward to Godfall and it’s nice to see its developer is communicative with his fans.

    Incidentally, as far as the question of pricing and distribution model is concerned, I’ll gladly pay you for a downloadable version if the game has enough high-quality content. It’s hard to say for sure where I stand as a consumer without first playing it, sadly. Just know that some of us aren’t against the idea.

  • Candelabra  says:

    I’m excited about Godfall being started back up. I decided to look back at the old teasers you first posted about the background, and I was wondering if you actually had an explanation for why the Godfall happened, or how the only one left managed to win. Its a cool idea, but with all the talk about background recently, cause would be nice information.

  • Kjetil  says:

    Hey Garin.
    Great games! My alltime favorite dungeon crawler is a game called Demise Rise of the Ku’Tan. Its insanely cool to say the least, and it’ll take you hundreds of hours with meaningful dungeons to get through it all.

    Considering party setup, how about dropping classes and use races with inherent talent for different skill builds? And then use bigger skill tree with brances for tanking, healing, magic, weapon profeciencies etc? That way you all start quite the same then develop your party as the campaign progresses?

  • Han One Sail  says:

    Wow this is funny.
    I just finished a comment on Kongregate games under my account named ikazuki.
    About a few suggestions for the next sequel for Monsters’ Den.
    I come here and remember there already is one!
    Shortly though I hope there would be game 2-4 unlock-able hybrid classes.
    A actual main campaign that effects game play somehow.
    From equipment, skills, specializations. Bosses Side bosses.

  • TheGoodShepard  says:

    The games becoming downloadable for a price would be a nightmare for me. I’ll do what I can to support the projects. I could most likely never really afford the games themselves but I’m sure I’ll soon be able to purchase more content.

    I do have a couple of suggestions though. I’d say try to add more downloadable content, I always love the challenge (not necessarily the work) of working money out of my brothers to buy the next item.

    If you have to, cannibalize some of the game to (priced) downloadable content. I’ll take what I have if it comes to that.

    Also, I realize that funds for the games must be tight. To weave around this, try to update the games with the downloadable content. I know I’d jump at some of those chances.

    I hope that you consider all of the above EXCEPT for making the game itself purchasable. I appreciate the work you’ve done and I can’t wait to see this game come out.

    Thank you sincerely,


    • TheGoodShepard  says:

      Oops, forgot to add this,

      As I’ve seen suggested above, implant a donation button in the games, that might boost you a bit. Also, try to make sure you have at least one series of game free (exceptions for downloadable content, donate features, etc.)

      Thank you!

  • Rytis  says:

    is GodFall a videogame ? and when it is to release garin ?

  • Tystianth  says:

    When is this coming out? It’s been years since the game development started.

    • garin  says:

      Sooner than never, later than now.

      • kelvinthehero  says:

        what years this game relase pls download this game on arcadeprehacks!

  • kelvinthehero  says:

    what year this game create what web armor games or arcadeprehacks or kongregate?

  • kelvinthehero  says:

    please download this game on arcadeprehacks please do this hacks controls>press 1 toggle health press 2 toggle mana press 3 clear rooms and quests press 4 explore rooms press 5 see roms press 6 money press 7 camping complete

  • kelvinthehero  says:

    what arist draw a name tell me πŸ™‚

  • Randomdood  says:

    I hope its more like Book of Dread than Chronicles

  • Randomdood  says:

    I liked the picture importing and simplicity of Book of Dread. Its one of my favorite flash games of all time

  • Kinoniko  says:

    I am still waiting for this game… I just wish you would feel more motivated.. Your consept for this game is truly awesome! and i loved Chronicles, even paid for the extra characters and all! that is something i’ve never done before… I personally don’t like the concept of pay-to-win. Just get back to work, please! I’ve been waiting so long… and really hope to see this one finished and in action, instead of it turning into one of those dead projects that never get published. Your games (monster’s den, Book of Dread, Chronicles, EVEN the Dragon Age: Journeys) were the one’s that made my childhood, before girls came into pictures, ofcourse… i’ll be waiting…

  • The Legend  says:

    I hope there will be mixed classes like warrior/mage because i pwned all my premies with enscrolled blade in the book of dread

  • The Legend  says:


  • Dietrich  says:

    Hi Garin,

    If funding is holding up development, try crowdfunding it over at indiegogo or kickstarter. I think you’d have quite a few people donate just to get a chance to break the alpha. Even more to name a god, monster, or character.

    waiting hopefully,

  • kheldor  says:

    i really enjoyed the first 3(?) monster’s dens and can’t believe no one donated, ‘as in, no one.’ Likely everyone assumed everyone else donates and they don’t have to cuz it’s a free game. This is the first page (for the game) that pops up on a google search for ‘godfall’. This game pretty much taught me how to min/max and enjoy games of the genre. You deserve to be paid for your work, please post a donate button here, thank you for your FREE work garin!

    • Hezvolog  says:

      Yes, please. I would like to be able to contribute to a game that is so great and repay the people gave their time to help give me joy. Thank you MD creators! πŸ˜€

  • CosmicRay  says:

    Is Monsters Den Godfall will be released this year?

    • garin  says:

      Realistically, it’s going to be next year.

      I know it seems crazy. I wish I hadn’t announced Godfall until after Chronicles. That would have made a lot more sense.

  • TimmyOtool  says:

    Hey Garin, I still end up playing Chronicles pretty regularly. Hope is well and whenever Godfall makes it out i know it will be a hit! Keep up the good work.

  • Scott  says:

    Is that cleric in the picture Detheun from Chronicles? And what does that “F” symbol mean?

  • kraistain  says:

    big hype! do your best man, make it happen and please don’t abandon the game! :)!!

  • mcm ???? ??  says:


  • Diarch  says:

    Well, whatever it has to be (release date). Love this series!

  • Jessica  says:


  • zach  says:

    I’d seriously pay like $20 for this game (optimized) for android on the Google Play store. Think about it! πŸ™‚

    • hmmk  says:

      use the right browser and you CAN actually play chronicles/book of dread with only minor difficulties

      Trust me, I’ve done it. A lot πŸ˜‰

  • KaossaoK  says:

    Just wanted to extend my appreciation of Monsters Den Chronicles. Very few games these days keep me really entertained as Chronicles did. I truly look forward to Godfall.

  • be  says:

    i wish this game go to arcade pre hacks

  • be  says:

    lol i wish clerics uses axes to and warrior πŸ™

  • be  says:

    what date this game can be release i thouht it will release at december its now february -_-

  • bigo  says:

    I would pay for a premium version when the game comes out. It’s not about money, it’s about sending a message.

    That your game is loved.

    Hope to see it soon.

  • hei201  says:

    would be awesome if u gonna put it up on steam

  • Squary  says:

    How can I get my hands on the beta?

  • CosmicRay  says:

    I really hate when have to choice one of the three random skills when a character levels up (In Monsters Den Chronicles). Because Conjuror`s Disintegrate skill is quite usefull, and i have keep starting and levelling up until Disintegrate is one of the three allowed skills.

  • be  says:

    please do not make this game very awesome how about the loading screen is very very slow please do not make very very awesome game

  • Justin Jesso  says:

    Make a Custom color Changer for Armour and Weapons

  • CarbonSteel  says:

    When this year should we expect to see Godfall? im a huge fan of these games and ive waited years for this!! really excited!!! P.S. would love to to see more legendary weapons and armor!!

  • Tystianth  says:

    Agreed. A release date would help everyone have a bit of peace of mind about this.
    Also (For developers’ eyes only) I would recommend making it really late and then surprising everyone (in a good way) by making it actually come out early to make players happy.
    Just a suggestion.

  • TheOneAndOnly  says:

    I agree with Tystianth. A release date would be nice to hear so I can stop freaking out on when the game might come out. I’m willing to wait as long as it takes so I can experience the masterpiece I know Godfall will be.

  • monster end  says:

    their better be legendary monsters and legendary equipment

  • think about it  says:

    just imagine if monsters den came to life as in became a rpg game rather than a flash game. something like Dragon age series because to me Dragon age seems fairly similar to the style like party/teamwork to defeat your enemies. im pretty sure many of you would find this idea unappealing since this game IS amazing as it is but i feel like it could be a great game maybe.

  • Scott  says:

    How far along now is the game?

  • Omniculb  says:

    This installment should also be made an app. That would be amazing πŸ˜›

  • thehumanstain  says:

    Is this game ever gunna be released or have a release date for that matter? There has been comments dating back to 2010 and there still hasn’t been a release date announced

  • Chupakabra  says:

    Hey guys, when the game will be finally released? does someone know an approximate date?

  • Maethius  says:

    One-man development takes a lot of time. Meanwhile, I’ll just enjoy the other games.

    I have a suggestion for a feature in Godfall, if it would work and remain balanced. One of the frustrations to the Monsters’ Den series for me has been customizing equipment. Currently one finds or purchases a piece of gear with the best features that can be found by luck, then adds a few enhancements.

    I think it would be a great advanced option would be a skill or artifact that allows the player to select a type of equipment (say, a breastplate) select its attributes (based on its rarity; vampiric, healing, padded, deft, etc.) and place open slots on it for expansion. The player could choose the look of the piece from a selection of appropriate images, and even alter the color for personal preference. Mind you, each step of this process would increase the cost, but it would ultimately allow players to customize entire character inventories and give them an experience more akin to using crafting skills. I would, perhaps, even save a feature like this for the ultimate form of the Emporium after it runs out of special features.

    A huge amount of programming, I’m sure, but such a feature would really rock!

  • hmmk  says:

    Just a thought on a frustrating part, at least for me, that was present in the game:

    Item level scaling. It becomes very annoying when your character continues to level and has epics that are replaced by the exact same epic with 1 extra strength. Epics should be epic and be (at least some of them) exclusive to high/max level content so as to avoid this rather frustrating part; this is assuming you have a level cap

    Also I loooooove conjurers and had a lot of fun soloing content with one in Book of Dread. Not asking you to make them op, but I hope they have some cool creature combinations and such


  • Count Otto Black  says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, you do realize, don’t you, that Godfall isn’t ever going to be finished? In 2010 Garin announced this forthcoming game, then, slightly more than 6 months later, admitted that he’d announced it 6 months before actually starting work on it. And in early December 2010, he apologized for the fact that it wouldn’t be finished before the end of the year, heavily implying that the remaining work would take a matter of weeks, or months at the most. It is now late July 2014, and the tone of the very infrequent announcements hasn’t changed at all. Garin, if your life has taken a direction that doesn’t allow you as much time as you used to have to make free dungeon crawl games for eagerly expectant children, you might as well admit it. The people who posted the comments at the head of this list saying how “awesome” your new game was going to be 4 years and 5 months ago have probably grown out of it by now and are currently paying far more attention to girls than anything you could possibly create. And you’ve pretty much shot yourself in the foot as far as crowdfunding goes. Feel free to take this comment not as an insult but a challenge, I might check back some time in late 2015 to see if your new game exists yet. If I don’t forget all about it. Which, quite frankly, I probably will, given the progress so far…

    • Swilstiger  says:

      TL;DR I rant on pages that will never be seen or completed according to my belief.

    • raziel11  says:

      why do you keep saying its for kids? im 23 and i used a third party tool just to download chronicles so i had it without internet connection, for when im on the go. also, why did you upload a profile picture if you were just gonna leave one comment and run away for a year?

  • Sasha  says:

    hello Garin, i tried contacting you through facebook yesterday. I think I can be of some use to you. Please reply as soon as possible there or here

  • raziel11  says:

    is that duetheun? also, will godfall have support for mods (i heard it was gonna be on steam)

  • ninjaOVERLORD  says:

    garin , your games WERE AND ARE awesome. but why you can’t finish the project of the greatest one ? if you have no time for it , maybe you need additional people to work with you ? maybe you should allow fans to help you in developing this game ? proffesional guys who make games aren’t for free , you have to pay them , but if you have fans among them ? if they are true fans , they could help you for free , and then they could enjoy playing it. i challenge everyone who create games to help garin in his work. greetings to everybody.

  • Balrokka  says:

    Garin I love your games man I still play them ill always be a follower even if you aren’t really going to finish godfall ill keep waiting for the day that you do

  • please  says:

    garin you said on next december on 2010 it will release but its been 4 years you dint release this game please tell the thruth garin are you just enjoying your life just doing summer or if you cant draw a new characters enemies or other features if you cant why you wont call for help for fans you dont know the fans can draw you a new characters and new features and others can research about artifacts and about the creatures on medieval myhtolody sorry garin that my spelling is wrong am just 13 years old when i was 9 i completed the monsters den chronicles and you said monsters den godfall will be release on december 2010 its been 4 years you dint release it call for help bye

  • John  says:

    Please release the game !!!!!!!!! or give it to somebody who will release it for you πŸ˜‰ I LOVE this game and it’s the best yet.

  • James  says:

    I don’t know if you’re still making the game or not, but i just want you to know that I admire your efforts for making such a great game. I’ve been keeping track and playing your Monsters den series for Years now, and yet it still never ceases to amaze me on how an individual person can make such a masterpiece. πŸ™‚

    don’t know much about programming or business or anything like that, but thanks for taking your time to make this and giving the first two series to everyone else to enjoy πŸ™‚

    whether what happens in the next few years, whether you stop making the game because your heart is for another or you’re busy, whether you make the game buy to play now or just simply forget about it. No hate here, just respect for you. You’ve already given much of your time and skills for other people to enjoy, and im just here to extend my gratitude for the number of times ive enjoyed your work. so thank you thank you, thank you many times πŸ˜€ and i hope you continue to be who you are… a cool guy.

  • Justin  says:

    Please finish this game or make an app… I’m dying here! It’s such a good game and im excited to see what’s next.

  • Danny  says:

    Hey man, I really loved Monsters Den Cronicles, and I am extremely exited about this game. I’ve heared that the game will have to be bought, but there will be a free to play demo. I am only 15 years old, so I don’t have a credit card/bank account. I have been looking forward to this game since 2012, and I would be willing to pay for it, but I just won’t be able to. My parents are strictly against gaming, so they can’t help me in any way with this situation. The only way I could pay for the game is if I could use Pay Safe Card to purchase it. I can buy theese in almost any store and then just enter the code and complete the transaction.
    If you don’r implement this option, I won’t be able to play your game untill I start making enough money to make a bank account relevant (I have a part-time job, but I have school too, so I make very little money).
    Or maybe you could do what you did with the
    Monsters Den Chonichles premium. I got the premium by completing a task from a list of choices I had (I played some boring game for about 30 minutes).
    I would be willing to pay for your game but I simply can’t pay for it in any traditional way.
    Please let me know what options there will be to pay for the game.
    P.S.: sorry that everything is in bold, I just tried to make a few words bold but somehow that doesn’t work

  • Mike H  says:

    Hey I remember playing the older games, especially Chronicles a few years back. I haven’t been keeping up with any progress since then, but I remember how addicting the game was and have recently decided to play it all over again. It’s very fun, and the atmosphere is superb for this dark gothic fantasy medieval setting. I hope things are doing okay and that you can finish Godfall. There is a lot of potential in this franchise, you should keep it up! πŸ™‚

  • Cyril A  says:

    I need my dose of Monsters Den ^^, release the kraken !

  • bbxbbx7075  says:

    GOOD GAME,GOOD Creator~

  • bri  says:

    i m pretty sure that godfall turned into this, the mechanics are the same, great game

  • Aaron Irwin  says:

    I love the whole set of games for the monsters’ den saga πŸ™‚

  • you mather  says:

    ????? ????

  • X4MHD  says:

    garin, do you still remember the suggestion I made in 2012 for Chronicles? The potion-administer set?

    Please simplify usage of potions so that we don’t have the same issues as in Chronicles. Keep item management prioritized on actual equipment and keep potions secondary or even tertiary by featuring them in some original mechanic such as the one I suggested.

  • Shivan  says:

    HOLY CRAP! Ive been playing book of dread for years on and off and i just found this. Im glad were still able to contribute since i saw the kickstarter ended long ago.

  • Splittergal  says:

    Hey isn’t it about time we get an update on the godfall game? Looking forward to hearing about the work πŸ™‚

  • Mexx83  says:

    He does updates there, although I wish they were a bit more frequent.

  • SaltGrain  says:

    still waiting for the game…

    • Gdrlifesteal  says:

      More than 1 month without news, in still waiting for the game too…

  • Release Me  says:

    Can we just hurryyyyy the fuck up?! release!

  • GoCows  says:

    Any news regarding the release date? So tired of waiting for this game

  • John Hoppkins  says:

    Just saw this … “the release date, January 19, 2017”

  • Not an actual comment  says:

    Buddy, If you’re still alive, i would love to play an incomplete version of the game. If you are listening, send me an email, or something. I don’t know, maybe just mention it on kickstarter?
    If you don’t care,or are too worried about your game, just mention it. or not. You might not even see the comment section, so… Yea.

  • George  says:

    Is the game still going to come out? It’s been 3 weeks since you had anything to stay about it and it’s pretty hard to stay excited for that long without any sort of news.

  • Maethius  says:

    Kickstarter: Update #25 from Monsters’ Den: Godfall – A Turn-Based Dungeon-Crawling RPG

    Jan 26 2017
    Further Delays

    Hi everyone,

    As you know I had planned to release the game today, but after discussion with the beta testers I’ve decided to hold it back a little longer. I’m really sorry for any disappointment.

    In hindsight the previous delay of only a week was overambitious, but I was conscious of trying your patience. Throughout this process it’s been really important to me that the backers are happy, to repay the faith you showed in me by funding the project. My overeagerness has backfired a bit here, as it sometimes does.

    For obvious reasons I’m hesitant to announce a new release date just yet, but please don’t see this is an indefinite delay. It’s very much in the ‘soon’ category. I’m just gunshy about being more specific right now.

    The offer to join the beta test is of course still open to any and all backers, just message me or email for a key.

  • Chris  says:

    Hay, I loved playing your monster den games years ago and stumbled upon this page by accident. I have to say, there aren’t ANY good procedurally generated RPG’s on Steam — I can’t find anything at all — and I’ll tell ya, I’d pay 20 dollars for a copy when you release it. I know it’s gonna be good because every other Monster Den game has been fantastic. I can see the frustration on this forum and part of it is because everything else on steam and everywhere else is the same old stale rehash RPG crap without any new mechanics or ideas. Your game is going to be a much needed greatness and we are all holding our breath till you release it. Good luck buddy, and I look forward to the release.

  • Dusk Ryder  says:

    Been a while since your last update on Kickstarter, but I gotta say, I love the MD games, and I would have donated if I saw it sooner and it wasn’t closed! *tears are shed* Any way, good luck and I hope to play soon!

  • Mountainwolf  says:

    Even if you’re not planning on realising it soon, please give us informations more often at least.

  • Glen  says:

    Mate this is getting pretty frustrating. Regardless of how busy life gets, the 2 minutes it takes to write an update is the least you could do for your backers and fans.

  • pfahlmann  says:

    hello…back there in 2010 you announced the immediate release o9f the game….more than half decade later there is still no word of anything…………

  • cth  says:

    Think we must start to realize that this game will never release, guy took the money and ran.

  • Dusk Ryder  says:

    Comon man, you said you were 90% done in February, where are you now?

  • Kim in the north  says:

    I think he is dead.

  • Dusk Ryder  says:


  • justice  says:

    you can report this kickstarter. Its imposible that a game that looks just a bit different than the older versions, take so much time. This is not normal. you can report the page in kickstarter if you feel this is a rip off

  • Dusk Ryder  says:

    He finally put out a comment on the page! Which is great. He says he is in “Put up or shut up” territory and that’s why he’s been quiet.

  • Luxbu  says:

    It’s on the steam page under upcoming! Front page!!

  • Yoj  says:

    I played the other games on Kongregate and have been occasionally checking in on this one over the past couple of years. Seems questionable as to whether it’ll actually come out, at this point. Which is sad, because I was planning on purchasing it.

  • eBake  says:

    The first comment on this page marks 2010. It’s crazy to think I waited for this game for almost a decade.

  • AnotherGreg  says:

    Last update was May 30th on Kickstarter:

    “Dan Stradwick Creator on May 30
    The list isn’t long. It’s:
    1) Finish implementing the final battle. (There are some special-case mechanics that aren’t used elsewhere in the game)
    2) Add the final two Kickstarter backer quests
    3) A day or two of minor polish”

    As irritating as it can be, I regularly make overly optimistic estimates on my projects and I usually screw my hourly rate by the end. My customers, however, are always very pleased with the results (which are about twice the value I initially charged them!)

  • Dusk Ryder  says:


  • you are lying  says:


  • Dusk Ryder  says:

    Don’t feed the trolls, lest they take after the Lock Ness monster and constantly ask for Tree Fiddy

  • Nathalanti  says:

    Soo excited and have been playing this non-stop. Had a few restarts due to wanting to change a few things, but hat’s fine.
    I’m very disheartened to see that IGG and a few other websites are already offering this game for free. If their anything that can be done to stop these sites?
    I found them while looking for a Wiki site or something that could tell me faction rewards, fixed levels of dungeons (everything seems to be level 1 or 12 for me).

    Also is their a info site about the game that people have started, more than this discussion thread? really keen to learn more and share what I have discovered.

    • A poor bloke going to buy the game sometime in the future.  says:

      All of those sites (if you’ve ever torrented before) do go out of their way to say towards you “If you’ve enjoyed this game, please go out of your way to support the developer.” or something close to that. It’s just that not everyone has the funds or their government blocks foreign sites/softwares because of tyrannical ways. While I don’t enjoy being one to suck money away from a good developer, I don’t have it in the first place, and would love to play the game now instead of when I’m financially (which could be years in the future from now). I do plan on buying the games later, in-fact I have a list that I intent to go all the way through over my time spent being “that guy” to give up some of my money later on.

  • Maethius  says:

    Been playing since its release and so far no glitches or bugs that I can find. Strategy is a bit different from past incarnations, however. In the past your party would fight creatures of their level with the exception of bosses or legendary creatures, but this seems to have changed. at level 8 all of my opponents are level 11, and the gear they drop is level 10… so I am outnumbered, out-powered, and am rewarded with gear I cannot use yet. While Monsters Den has always been a marathon, not a sprint, this combo has certainly slowed progress. The almost total lack of healing potions and recovery potions I used to rely on has also made it much more difficult. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing! It just takes some getting used to.

  • RobertPap  says:

    cool resource

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