The crowdfunding campaign has now ended. Thank you to all the backers for your support!


The totals here are pending a final update.

Kickstarter funds raised

$32,725.00 AUD

Humble funds raised

$2285.00 AUD


$35,010.00 AUD


$32,000 AUD – Classic Mode – Achieved!

A new mode separate from the campaign, reminiscent of the early Monsters’ Den games. Create a party and lead them into a randomized dungeon of unlimited depth. Also includes a difficult “Daily Challenge” dungeon of fixed length. All players will face the same challenge each day, allowing you to compare with your friends.


$34,000 AUD – Surface Dungeon Areas – Achieved!

A new tileset for the dungeon view which represents above-ground forest and ruins. This would allow for more complex overworld encounters and dungeon exteriors.


$36,000 AUD – Improved Player Keep and Customization

A larger view of the player’s Keep with constructed buildings and upgrades visible in the scene. Includes graphics for several different styles of keep. Also allows the placement of aesthetic choices like flags and banners.